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The Syllabus

The course of study prescribed by the C.B.S.E is strictly followed. The medium of instruction is English. Malayalam and Hindi Languages are also taught as second and third languages. Malayalam is taught as a compulsory second language up to Grade X. 

Schooling with a difference

Training in life skills

Students are given training on basic Life Skills such as Self-awareness, Empathy, Communication, Inter-personal Relationships, Decision Making, Problem-Solving, coping with Emotion and Coping with Stress. Life Skill Training is the acquisition of skills and abilities for adaptive and positive behaviours enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.  Besides this, one is enabled to resolve conflicts, compact, abusive situations, identify emotional complexities, refuse to participate in high risk behaviour, build/improve social constructs of knowledge and negotiate/ transact various activities of daily life.

Personality Development

The goal that we keep uppermost in our mind hereby undertaking various educational/cultural programs is the grooming of the personality of each and every child under our care. In the present day world of high energy and speed, our students have to develop all of their self-esteem and talents that are dormant inside them. They have to grow full of self-confidence required to face any challenge that may meet within life so much so that they finally prove themselves to be great overcomers and achievers reaching the top! We have enough proof of such students to produce at our school over these two years. Our students are not having any pre-programmed fears or constraints that are so characteristic of students in general in pre-adolescence. This strengthens our faith that we are in the right direction of forming of top-class winners and achievers. 


MGM's vision of education aims at an integral de3velopment and maturing of the various dimensions of one’s personality which contribute to the general betterment of society. Since intelligence is  one of the dimensions of one’s personality and intelligent people are really an asset to any nation, we provide scientific training and tests to improve the intelligent quotient of the students. In the modern competitive world IQ is a key factor that decides the future of the children. Our attempts are to improve the IQ of the children go to build up their confidence level, grasping power, reasoning ability and logical thinking. Daily exposure to BBC news and periodical participation in seminars, quiz competitions etc. provide the children with ample opportunities for strengthening their IQ.