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Declaration on Text Books prescribed

We do hereby declare that we have gone through the content of the Text Books purchased for the Academic Year 2023-24 and the Books are found to be free from all types of anti-national and anti-religious contents and nothing is found affecting our culture and practices. Further, all the prescribed Text Books are suggested and recommended by our School Curriculum Committee. We take the complete responsibility in purchasing and following the Text Books prescribed for students of Classes I-V. We follow the Text Books published by NCERT for classes VI-X.  

List of Text Books 

Grade I – V

English, Mathematics & EVS  : Splash Semester Series Published by Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.,

Hindi                                        : Meri Apani Hindi – Madhupan Publication Pvt. Ltd.,

Malayalam                              : Mathrubhasha Padavali – H & C Publications

Information Technology         : Creative Kids, Corodova Publications Pvt. Ltd.,

Grade VI –X

Text Books Published by NCERT