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MGM kindergarten is the heart and soul of MGM SALEM ENGLISH SCHOOL. It is a Home Away from Home for the kiddies giving them the homeliest and enjoyable stay.  The love, care and attention they receive at the hands of their teachers make them so happy that they don’t feel like missing their mothers.

Quality education based on the basic values of life forms the foundation of our curriculum where children learn a lot through observation and activities.  MGM Kindergarten opens the window for the little ones to explore the world of knowledge in its variety.  Training is given to the children to become independent and self-reliant.  Special focus is given in nurturing good manners and etiquettes and also in developing social skills.  The classes are colorful and attractive and audio-visual aids like the Smart Boards make learning more interesting.  Recreation is provided to the children through the dance classes, yoga exercises and outing in the well equipped park with different apparatus which are good for the growth and muscle co-ordination of the children.

In MGM-KG, the developmental and educational needs of the children are met through a child-center and activity-oriented program that provides ample avenues for experiential learning.  The aim is to impart pre-learning skills while allowing the child the uninhibited freedom of a home atmosphere, to develop at his/her own pace.  MGM-KG is in fact a home away from home.