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Academic Calendar  2020-21

June1:Beginning of online classes under Covid-19
 2:Preparation of special Academic Year plan for online classes.
 5:World Environment Day 
 19:Reading Day Celebration
 25:End of Reading week 
July11:World population Day 
 19-25:1st Periodic Test ( Pre-mid term) All classes 
August3Class Day Celebration - X
 5:Class PTA (Online)
 6:Hiroshima Day
 14:School Literary Fest / Writing and Drawing competitions
 15:Independence day Celebration 
 27:School closes for Onam Vacation  
 29:National Sports Day
September5:Teachers Day Celebration
 3:School Re-opening after Onam Vacation 
 16:World Ozone Day Celebration
October2:Culmination of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 
 5:Club’s Inauguration 
 19-28:Periodic Test -2
 30, 31: Online Cultural Fest
November1:Kerala Formation Day
 11:National Education Day
 9 -13:Online Class PTA
 14:Children’s Day Celebration 
December1:World Aids Day
 10:World Human Rights Day
 13-19:Post Mid-Term Exam (3rd Periodic Test)
 18:School closes for Christmas Vacation 
 28:School Re-opens after X’mas Vacation
January 1:New Year Day
 18:Class PTA
February21:Mother Language Day
 28:National Science Day
March  :Revision & Exams
 3:Class X Board Exam begins
 8:Women’s Day 
 22:World Water Day
 31:School Closes for Mid-summer vacation